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Bob Ainsworth has pledged to support a petition that is being raised by local taxi drivers.  The petition urges the Coventry Taxi Licensing Office and the Coventry Licensing and Regulatory Committee to offer the option of a 1 or 3 year drivers licence for taxi drivers in the city.  The taxi drivers hope the petition will demonstrate the level of support amongst their colleagues for the introduction of a choice on licence durations, which to date has been resisted by the Coventry Licensing Authority.

Currently, the Licensing Authority in Coventry only issues 1 year licences and they have recently confirmed that they have no plans to change their policy in this area.  However, the taxi drivers argue that offering a 1 or 3 year driver’s licence gives them more flexibility and alleviates any undue financial or administrative burdens on them and the licensing authority alike.  They also argue that such a policy is in line with Department for Transport Best Practise Guidance, which states in paragraphs 55-56 that it is “…. good practise to offer drivers the choice of an annual or a three-year licence”.   It goes on to state that “three years is the legal maximum period and is in general the best approach”.

Bob had a meeting on the 23rd August 2010 with Councillor Dave Chater – Acting Chairman of the Licensing and Regulatory Committee – and Frank Barlow – Manager of the Coventry Taxi Licensing Office – to discuss this issue, amongst others.  Unfortunately, during the meeting Bob was unable to get them to consider introducing this measure.

Bob said:

“It seems to me that Coventry has decided to second guess the best practise guidance and are thereby causing unnecessary bureaucracy and expense”.




Department for Transport Best Practise Guidance: http://www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/regional/taxis/bestpractice/pdf/guidance.pdf

Relevant paragraphs 55-56 and 62-65

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