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Bob Ainsworth releases CCFC documents

Bob Ainsworth is today placing in the public domain documents that he has sent to the Football League and to the FA concerning Coventry City Football Club. These documents have also been given to the Administrator/Liquidator, Mr Paul Appleton.

The documents concerned show clearly what has always been said by some, that the company now in liquidation, Coventry City Football Club Ltd (03056875), acquired the Assets, and all engagements, contracts and obligations relating to the Assets; the business including the executive right to operate the business; the goodwill; the Employees, being the Management Executives, the Players, including the right to the player registrations and player contracts of the Players registered with the Premier League and the FA; the right to become a member of the Football Association and the Premier League; the right to receive the Gate Money, the Club Sponsorship Money, the Broadcasting Money, all transfer fees in respect of players and all the other television and radio fees receivable on 31st May 1995 from its parent company Coventry City Football Club Holdings (00094305).

Agreement relating to the transfer of assets dated 31 May 1995

Appointment of Representative for EGM by Coventry City Football Club Limited

Approvals to Conditions

Consent to Short Notice of E G M

Facilities and Management Services Agreement dated 21 May 1995

Minutes of Coventry City Football Club Limited held on 30 May 1995

Minutes of Directors meeting of CCFC Limited held on 30 Sept 1995

Minutes of Extraordinary General Meeting of CCFC Limited

New Articles of Association of CCFC Limited as Adopted

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting of CCFC Limited

Print of Resolutions passed at EGM of CCFC Limited

Resolution of Directors of CCFC Limited dated 27 September 1995

Speechly Bircham Letter to FL – 22 March 2013

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Football League contradicting its own statements again

In March, prior to my adjournment debate on Coventry City Football Club, the Football League emailed me a statement to clarify their position as I had asked them to do. The statement read:

“Any application to move to a stadium outside of the City would need to be considered by the Board of The Football League.  In doing so, the Board would require the club to demonstrate that it had a clear plan for returning to Coventry within a prescribed timeframe.”

The statement was clear and unequivocal so I quoted it in the debate believing this to be one bright spot in an otherwise disastrous tale.

Alas, the commitment was not what it seemed.

The Board of the Football League ultimately approved the club’s move to a stadium outside of the city, and when asked if he had seen a clear plan for the club to return to Coventry, the Football League’s Chairman Greg Clark told the Coventry Telegraph:

“I don’t know, because I don’t [know] how anyone could know how a hypothetical stadium could be funded. You would have to get specific proposals in place for the Football League to evaluate them.

“We’ve seen targets… areas and opportunities they are considering to develop a stadium.

“Until they finalise which one and come up with a fully drafted business plan, it is impossible for us to go through it.”

Now they have done it again. In a letter to me on the 5 August 2013, the Football League’s Chief Operating Officer, Andy Williamson explained the entry conditions imposed by the Football League and accepted by Otium Entertainment Group Limited (OEG) as part of the process to transfer the ‘golden share’ to OEG.  He said:

“The Football League Board agreed to offer Otium Entertainment Group the club’s share in the Football League providing it accepted various entry conditions including a commitment that it meet the financial offer made to creditors under the proposed CVA.”

However, when Arena Coventry Limited’s (ACL) representative wrote seeking clarification as to the condition the Football League had imposed on OEG, and when ACL might receive payment, the Football League wrote back to say:

“We are not in a position to disclose the terms of the agreement between The Football League Limited and Otium Entertainment Group Limited and any queries about payment to creditors should be addressed to David Ruben & Partners as Administrators of Coventry City Football Club Limited.  They are in possession of the funds arising out of the sale of assets to Otium Entertainment Group Limited.”

I have sought clarification from the Football League in relation to this latest contradiction, as yet to no avail. Those of you who have Coventry’s interests and good governance of football at heart, please help if you can.

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