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Bob Ainsworth – Member of Parliament for Coventry North East – is to visit the Coventry Community Drugs Team (CDT) on Friday 15 October at 9:30am.

Bob has a long established interest in drugs policy stretching back to his time as a Home Office Minister when he was responsible for the implementation and regulation of the Government’s drugs strategy.

Friday’s visit will give Bob the opportunity to see firsthand the good work that the CDT does locally.  Importantly, it will also give him the chance to speak with people on the frontline who deal with the effects of drug misuse on a daily basis.

The Coalition Government is due to publish its new drugs strategy later this year and Bob is concerned that it should deal adequately with the issue of treatment for drug addicts.  He hopes to discuss this matter with the CDT staff and seeks their views on what they believe is the best way forward.

Bob said:

“When I was a Home Office Minister, David Cameron was a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee and he was very constructive in trying to deal with this intractable problem.  Now he is Prime Minister, I hope he is still committed to addressing this most difficult of issues.

“In visiting the drugs team, I want to find what the trends are and where, if anywhere, progress has been made.”


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