Bob questions the Foreign Secretary on Ukraine

In the House of Commons yesterday, the Foreign Secretary made a statement on the current situation in Ukraine.  During the statement, Bob asked him about the “calibrated but determined approach” towards Russian actions:

Mr Bob Ainsworth (Coventry North East) (Lab): The Foreign Secretary will continue to receive widespread support in all parts of the House if he maintains the calibrated but determined approach that he has laid out in his statement. The trick is to make certain that the Russians realise the level of determination to resist their incursions into Ukraine, balanced by allowing them the time to think through the consequences of their actions—I am not at all sure that they have done so. Does he agree?

Mr Hague: Yes, I absolutely agree. Thinking through the long-term consequences has not necessarily happened, as I said to the right hon. Member for Neath (Mr Hain). Part of our approach in what we are trying to do is to take certain measures that have an impact while making it clear that there are further and more serious measures that we are prepared to take. We are giving the time for that to sink in and for negotiations to take place such as those in Geneva 11 days ago. I hope and believe that we have the calibration right, and I am grateful for the right hon. Gentleman’s support for it. (Hansard, 28 April 2014)

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