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Childcare crunch at the heart of Cameron’s cost of living crisis

David Cameron says the economy is healing but for many, things are getting worse not better, as prices continue to rise faster than wages and people struggle to make ends meet.

For working mums and dads, childcare is a major part of the problem, but concerns about rising costs – up 30% under Cameron, five times faster than wages – reduced support and fewer places are falling on deaf ears.

David Cameron is ignoring the plight of hard pressed families while he’s cutting taxes for millionaires and that sends a very strong signal about whose side he is on.

Childcare will be a key front in One Nation Labour’s battle to tackle the cost of living crisis. We know mums and dads, who are already struggling to cope with rising bills and stagnant wages, really need bold policies to make a difference to their lives.

Labour’s Primary Childcare Guarantee will give all parents of primary school children the guarantee of childcare availability through their school from 8am-6pm. By extending the free childcare offer from 15 to 25 hours, Labour will make working parents of three and four year olds over £1500 better off. And we won’t forget Sure Start centres, which David Cameron promised to back when he asked for people’s votes, before breaking his promise in Number 10. Under him there are 578 fewer Sure Start centres than there were in 2010.

Britain cannot ignore the childcare crisis parents face.

David Cameron says the economy is back on track – but for millions of people things are getting harder, not easier. A real recovery is one where everybody benefits, not just a privileged few at the top.

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