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Hard-working families in Coventry are struggling as they face the greatest cost of living crisis in a generation.

Wages have gone up slower than prices for 39 out of 40 of the months David Cameron has been Prime Minister and many hard-working families struggle to make ends meet. Average wages are over £1,500 lower than they were when the Tories came into power in 2010 and year after year people are working harder, for longer, for less.

Thousands of hard-working people in Coventry get up early to go to work, do the right thing and yet struggle to pay their bills. It can’t be right that we’ve now reached the point where more of the people bringing up families in poverty are in work than out of work.

We need to make sure work always pays which is why Ed Miliband has this week announced plans to introduce Make Work Pay contracts that will help businesses raise wages for millions of low-paid workers, and help the next Labour government cut social security bills for the taxpayer.

Firms that sign up to paying their employees the living wage, currently £8.80 in London and £7.65 elsewhere, in the first year of the next Parliament will be offered a 12 month tax rebate of up to £1,000 for each individual worker that receives a pay rise.

The money would be fully funded from increased income tax and National Insurance revenues. Additional savings in lower tax credits and benefit payments, as well as increased tax revenues in future years, will cut social security bills and help pay down the deficit.

Make Work Pay contracts will benefit employees, businesses and the British taxpayer. Low-paid workers will be paid more, firms will receive a tax rebate and will benefit from higher staff morale, increased productivity and lower turnover of staff, and the taxpayer will see a reduced social security bill from lower spending on tax credits and benefits for people in low paid work.

Thousands of families in Coventry are struggling to deal with the rising cost of living and encouraging more firms to pay their employees the living wage is a positive way of really helping people deal with the cost of living crisis.

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Nothing less than an energy price freeze will do

Ever since Ed Miliband called for an energy price freeze to help tackle the cost of living crisis, we’ve heard yet more stories of hard pressed families being hit hard by the Tories’ failure to act on rocketing energy bills.

Ed is standing up for families and businesses by calling for action now – not just the promise of another review as was announced by David Cameron last week.

Nothing less than a price freeze will do, because that is the only way we can deal with energy companies overcharging, and get people a fairer deal.

Labour’s energy freeze will save money for 27 million households and 2.4 million businesses and our plans to reset the market will deliver fairer prices in the future.

The energy market is broken and Labour is determined to fix it.

People are sick and tired of paying over the odds because David Cameron is too weak to stand up to the energy companies.

The real test of leadership is not whether you stand up to the weak, that’s easy.

The real test of leadership is whether you stand up to the strong.

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