Bob questions the Prime Minister on Afghanistan

In the House of Commons yesterday, the Prime Minister made a statement on Afghanistan.  During the statement, Bob sought clarification on how the ISAF countries would address the equipment challenges faced by the Afghan national security forces:

Mr Bob Ainsworth (Coventry North East) (Lab): The Afghan forces have improved their capability year on year, but there are still challenges in logistics and equipment. I am told that there are no plans for us to pass over or gift any equipment to the Afghans—even some of the more theatre-specific equipment that we have acquired over the years. If all the ISAF countries adopt the same attitude, how are those challenges going to be met after the draw-down of the combat mission?

The Prime Minister: First of all, we look at all the equipment we have and at individual Afghan requests to see whether it is something that we can make available. The right hon. Gentleman is absolutely right to say that the capabilities of these forces have increased. As he knows, in talking to our forces out in Afghanistan, it is striking to find out that we are talking to people on their second or third tour, who have seen a radical improvement in what is available. One of the challenges is making sure that the Afghan army has all the enablers and all the assistance it needs—and the Americans are specifically looking at that problem. What has been noticeable about the recent attacks on Kabul is that they were dealt with entirely by the Afghan national security forces—and dealt with very effectively. (Hansard, 2 July 2013)

To view the Prime Minister’s statement in full, please click here.


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