Latest jobs figures show the Government is letting down our area

In responding to yesterday’s disappointing unemployment figures – which showed that 70,000 more people across the country are now on the dole than last quarter, that youth unemployment rose by 20,000 over the same period and that long term unemployment rose yet again – Bob said:

“Here in Coventry North East long term unemployment is up 7% on the year, and long-term youth unemployment is up 3%.  It is getting clearer by the day that this government is letting down our area.

“We urgently need action to get local people into work. This is why Labour is calling for a compulsory jobs guarantee, which will get any adult out of work for more than two years, or young person out of work for a year, into a job – one they would be required to take.

“Coventry North East can’t wait any longer for action. Ministers must stop prevaricating and start helping now before they condemn a whole generation to joblessness.”


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