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6,966 over 75s in Coventry North East could save up to £200 on energy bills under new plans from Labour

Energy bills are now one of the biggest costs that families face. The average household now pays £1,345 per year for gas and electricity, and the typical dual fuel bill rose by more than 20% last year.

Despite competition between different companies, the complexity of the different products on offer means that, according to the independent regulator Ofgem, 4 in 5 households (a full 80%) are paying more for their gas and electricity than the cheapest tariff would deliver. 

Labour is calling on the energy companies to automatically move their elderly customers – those over 75 – onto the cheapest tariff they offer for their gas and electricity. If they fail to do this themselves, Labour is calling on the Government to legislate to ensure that energy companies are obliged to place their elderly customers on the lowest available tariff each year.

Up to 6,966 over-75s in Coventry North East could save as much as £200 on their energy bills under Labour’s proposals.

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