Bob Ainsworth MP becomes Real-Life Entrepreneur Champion

Bob Ainsworth MP has signed up to be a Real-Life Entrepreneur Champion.

As a Real-Life Entrepreneur Champion, Bob Ainsworth MP for Coventry North-East agrees to:

  • Listen to the concerns of Real-Life Entrepreneurs and champion their cause
  • Represent the interests of Real-Life Entrepreneurs on a national and local level
  • Recognise the many thousands of hard-working entrepreneurs that support the UK economy
  • Support the FSB in its endeavours to get the best deal for Real-Life Entrepreneurs

 Steve Mills , FSB Coventry Branch Chairman, said:

“Small businesses are vital to our economy and it is imperative we recognise their importance so I am pleased that Bob Ainsworth MP has committed to helping us in our cause. With the Government wanting the private sector to lead the recovery, we need to see policies put in place at a local and national level that can help businesses to grow and for more people to have the confidence to become a Real-Life Entrepreneur.”

Bob Ainsworth MP for Coventry North-East said:

“If we are going to get growth and create jobs this is the sector it is going to come from so we cannot underestimate the importance of small businesses”



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