Bob Ainsworth – Member of Parliament for Coventry North East – has secured an adjournment debate in Westminster Hall on Tuesday 15th March 2011 at 12:30pm – 1pm to highlight the state of the school building at Richard Lee Primary School.

The debate will give Bob the opportunity to outline to Ministers the full scale of the appalling conditions that teachers and pupils are having to work and learn in and, it will ensure that a Minister from the Department of Education is forced to respond to the concerns of teachers, parents and pupils.

 Bob said:

 “The school building is in an appalling state of disrepair and is nearing the end of its limited lifespan; as a result any remedial works that are undertaken can only ever be temporary.  The only way to permanently resolve the ongoing maintenance problems at the school is through a full rebuild. 

 “Unfortunately, Coventry City Council cannot commit to building a new school for Richard Lee pupils until Ministers provide clarification of future funding allocations from central government for education capital projects.  

 “I will therefore be pressing the Minister during the debate to remove the uncertainty surrounding future funding, which at present is forcing pupils to be taught in atrocious conditions.

 “Since becoming Heateacher, Nicola Harwood has done a fantastic job at Richard Lee School and I will continue to work with her and local councillors on behalf of the pupils, parents and teachers at the school”.

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