Bob Ainsworth MP seeks meeting with Minister to discuss the condition of Richard Lee Primary School

Bob Ainsworth – Member of Parliament for Coventry North East – has written to Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Education, to seek a meeting to discuss the condition of Richard Lee Primary School. 

In his letter to Michael Gove, Bob said:

“Richard Lee is currently top of Coventry City Council’s list of primary schools to be rebuilt as a consequence of its age, poor state of disrepair and the fact that it does not meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act. 

“However, the proposed rebuild does not look likely to happen in the near future as the Council are currently unable to make the necessary plans due to uncertainty surrounding future funding allocations from central government.

“This uncertainty has left the school with a significant list of repairs that urgently need to be carried out, but insufficient funds with which to do so.  The roof, boiler, windows, electrics, and drainage system all need to be replaced and as a result of a flood at the school in January, around 80 pupils are currently being taught in a corridor.

“I visited the school last Friday and I was appalled by the condition that teachers and pupils are expected to work and learn in.  This dreadful state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue and I would therefore ask that you meet with myself and a delegation from the school and the Council to discuss what can be done to improve the situation at this school”.


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