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Bob Ainsworth recently tabled three written parliamentary questions asking Ministers at the Department for Transport about their policies in relation to taxi licensing. He asked if they had any plans to revise their department’s current Best Practise Guidance and if they had any plans to bring forward legislative proposals in relation to two specific areas; cross-border taxi hiring and a national standardised licensing regime. Each question was answered with a resounding no from Norman Baker MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State.

Bob was disappointed with the responses he received to his questions and therefore decided to write direct to Philip Hammond MP, Secretary of State for Transport, on 2 November asking him to personally look at introducing legislation in relation to cross-border taxi hiring, which is a national problem, not just one that is confined to Coventry.

Cross-border taxi hiring is an issue which concerns both taxi drivers and Licensing Authorities alike. Bob recently had a meeting with Councillor Dave Chater, Acting Chair of the Licensing and Regulatory Committee, regarding this issue and subsequently received representations from several constituents as part of Unite the Union’s “National Cross Border Hiring Campaign Petition”.

Bob said:

“I understand the concerns of both taxi drivers and licensing authorities. This is quite clearly a problem that concerns both parties and I therefore hope the Government will start to listen to those on the frontline, who encounter these problems each day, and reverse their intransigence to legislating to address the issue.”

19th November 2010

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