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Bob Ainsworth MP Supports Taxi Driver Petition

In September, Bob Ainsworth pledged to support a petition that was being raised by local taxi drivers, which called on Coventry City Council to offer the option of a 1 or 3 year drivers licence for taxi drivers in the city.

Local taxi drivers have now handed the completed petition to Bob and asked that he present it to Councillor Dave Chater, Acting Chair of the Licensing and Regulatory Committee, on their behalf. They hope the petition will demonstrate the level of support amongst their colleagues for the introduction of a choice on licence durations, which to date has been resisted by the Coventry Licensing Authority.

In addition, the taxi drivers have also handed Bob a second petition which calls for stronger regulation of taxi numbers and the introduction of a cap within the Coventry locality. This petition will also be presented to the Licensing Committee for consideration.

Bob said: “I hope the Licensing and Regulatory Committee will give serious consideration to the calls for an option on licence durations. Department for Transport Best Practise Guidance recommends that Licensing Authorities offer the choice of an annual or three-year licence and I can’t understand why Coventry has decided to second guess this guidance.”

16th November 2010

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