Coventry delegation to meet with Secretary of State for Education on Building Schools for the Future cuts

Bob Ainsworth, Jim Cunningham and Geoffrey Robinson are due to meet with the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, to discuss the cuts to the Building Schools for the Future programme announced by the Coalition Government last week. Also attending the meeting will be Cllr Lynnette Kelly, Cllr George Duggins and representatives from Coventry City Council.

The meeting is due to take place on Thursday 15th July 2010 at 2pm in the Houses of Parliament.

Under the BSF programme, which was introduced by the previous Labour Government, Coventry had been allocated £355 million to rebuild nine secondary schools and secondary specialist schools and refurbish 11 others. The programme has now been halted as a result of the decision taken earlier this week by the Tory-Liberal Government.

Bob said:

“I believe that Coventry has been unfairly and disproportionately hit by the cuts to the Building Schools for the Future programme. This meeting will give us the opportunity to seek clarification from the Secretary of State on why Coventry appears to have been affected more deeply than other local authorities.

“It’s clear that these cuts will hold back the education of Children in Coventry and I will be making this point to the Secretary of State most forcefully.”

o A list of the schools affected can be found here;$/media/Files/lacuna/news/bsf/LAwidelistofSchools050710.ashx


MONDAY 12th JULY 2010

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